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Financial Wellness at Work

Financial Wellness in the workplace has become a buzz word for companies that understand the impact financial strain has on a work force. Interface is a Financial Wellness Company, established in 2003, that offers complete and customised financial wellness programs to progressive companies wishing to provide assistance to their greatest asset their employees.

Employee indebtedness is a serious and complex social problem that can be addressed through a measurable and supportive program. Interface provides financial coaching solutions and group financial training interventions in order to empower and assist employees manage their money more effectively.

Interface are proud to service both the public and private sector in South Africa, providing financial wellness solutions to well recognised brands such as Discovery, AGSA, Microsoft, and Outsurance.

Interface Service Offerings

Financial Wellness Programs

Interface have for the past 14 years developed into market leader in the Employee financial solution market in South Africa. We offer a complete and customised financial wellness programs to progressive companies that want to combine financial education with financial coaching to employees in order to empower and assist them with their financial lives.

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How financially healthy are your employees? Interface offers solutions in order to assess the financial health and potential risk to your business which may be exacerbated by financial distress.

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Interface offers a range of interactive financial wellness interventions and fun days, which enables employees to access their credit reports and engage with a range of financial providers.

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Interface offers financial coaching and support to employees via our Financial wellness program offering telephonic, and face to face assistance.

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Provide employees with financial education and training. We have a host of financial training solutions from 1 Hour Lunch and Learn sessions to half and full day training interventions.

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Latest News

Grow: Interface propels South Africa forward toward financial wellness

The business, although small, had a number of divisions. It comprised a team of financial agents who handled around 3 500 inbound calls a month, as well as a team of coaches that assisted people either virtually or through onsite financial wellness clinics. Finally, a team of financial trainers educated South Africans about financial matters, either in the classroom or online. Val, who had a teaching background, headed up the business.

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Financial Health Statistics

Financial stress is real, and most people experience some level of financial stress at some point in their lives. Financial stress affects men and women alike and people of all different income earning levels. Financial stress of individual employees can have an impact on productivity, profitability and performance and progressive companies provide resources to empower, educate and assist employees.


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Only 2 in 10 Employees have an up to date Will




South Africans cannot afford to retire




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