Financial Workshops

Interface is a BankSeta recognized training provider. We have a host of financial training solutions from 1 hour lunch and learn sessions, to half and full day training interventions. Interface also have themed financial training courses geared to meet the needs of different groups. Click here in order to receive our list of all our training programs

Get Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, is one of our most popular and successful training programs. This workshop can be customized to your company culture and employees that you wish to engage with. Training can be delivered in all 11 National languages.

This workshop has a dynamic eight week support journey which encourages attendees to implement on a weekly basis one of the 8 steps to getting financially savvy.

Workshop Objectives

  • To educate employees on personal finance and improve the financial literacy levels in order to empower them so that they can make informed financial decisions with regards to their personal finances
  • Empower your employees so that they have the ability to manage their finances on a day to day basis
  • Provide assistance to employees affected by garnishee orders.
  • Improve Financial Literacy Levels within your organisation
  • Assess the Financial Stress within the group and to provide feedback to management on the potential risks
  • Encourage budgeting, debt management and to increase awareness on the importance of saving.


  • Feedback from Bytes Employee, “This course has been very helpful and I now understand how to handle my money and have more to save. And I liked the on-going communication to remind me to change my habits”.

    Bytes Employee
    Bytes Employee
  • Feedback from Microsoft Employee, “It was fantastic - I've already implemented some of the tips and it's working well!! Outstanding. Thank you. ”  

    Microsoft Employee
    Microsoft Employee


Get Healthy Wealthy and Wise

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, takes an in-depth look at budgeting basics and how to get out of the debt trap. This workshop has become one of the most popular workshops, as it explores real solutions to real people’s financial problems and concerns. The 8 step program is outlined and this guides employees through the 8 steps to financial health and wealth... read more