Financial Fun Days

Financial Fun Days are an innovative way for companies and their employees to engage on issues around personal finances with the message of “make your finances work for you”.

Interface invites a host of financial providers including all the banks, credit bureau’s, employee benefit and financial services providers to your company so that employees don’t have to leave their office in order to get their finances in order.  The day is hosted at your company but Interface as the event co- ordinator do all the marketing and site visit in order to ensure the day is a success.  A financial wellness quiz is part of the day and a report back is provided to the HR team following the day.


 Objectives for a Financial Wellness Event

  • To educate and empower your employees in the arena of financial literacy and financial health
  • To assess and provide insight to management on the financial health of your employees
  • To assist your employees no matter where they are in their financial life
  • To host a fun filled interactive day for your employees

  • Feedback from Outsurance " The financial wellness campaign was a big success.  Thank you, you guys did a great job! Our people definitely got very valuable information and i will definitely be doing this again next year. " Anje Van Westhuzen Wellness Manager."

Benefits of a the Financial Fun Day

  • Employees can engage with a host of financial providers
  • Employees received credit reports
  • Accessible and onsite at your company
  • Innovative, Independent, Impartial
  • Financial Solutions to meet your needs
  • Access to all the banks
  • Discounts and Savings
  • Real Solutions for real people
  • Ability to engage with the bank and financial providers onsite
  • Seek solutions for distressed employees
  • Employees could explore savings solutions