How Financilally healthy are your employees? Most companies do a credit health report on a potential employee in the recruitment process, but the reality is a person’s financial situation can change, and this can be a potential risk to companies. Interface offers solutions in order to assess the financial health of your employees and identify potential risks to your business.

In order to assess the financial health of your company Interface offers a number of assessment methodologies, from electronic surveys, quiz’s and competitions which involves employee engagement and provides feedback to both employees on their financial health as well as a de-identified management report back on risk areas. Interface has also partnered with a number of credit bureaux in order to conduct a de-identified employee trend report which compares the company employee base to market statistics and trends in South Africa. Want more information, simply click here and we will contact you to assist you further.

Human Resource Managers can identify Financial Stress in an employee

  • Resignations to get out of debt
  • Requests for salary advances
  • Request for personal loans
  • Absenteeism due to lack of funds for transport
  • Garnishee Orders
  • Employees seeking assistance as they may face legal action
  • Fear of eviction
  • Fear of vehicle repossession
  • Interpersonal lending between colleagues

Financial Stress has an impact on companies in the following ways

  • Increased Absenteeism
  • Inability to perform job function due to impaired credit records
  • Resignations in order to “get out of debt”
  • Reduced employee productivity
  • Lowered employee morale
  • Disability and worker compensation claims
  • Substance abuse

Financial Health Statistics


13.7 Million

13.7million people considered cancelling insurance & investment policies to pay back debt




Only 2 in 10 Employees have an up to date Will




South Africans cannot afford to retire




of our income is spent
on debt



1 in 6

employees are struggling with debt



Over 2.4 Million

Garnishee Orders in SA