Financial Wellness in the workplace is integral to the wellness of employees

Interface have for the past 14 years developed into market leader in the Employee financial solution market in South Africa. We offer a complete and customised financial wellness programs to progressive companies that want to combine financial education with financial coaching to employees in order to empower and assist them with their financial lives.

A comprehensive financial program is designed with the following elements in place;

  • Face-to-face financial clinics
  • Telephonic financial support
  • Financial training programs
  • Financial health assessments
  • Interactive financial awareness days

Pricing is based on number of services required and number of employees and physical sites that we will be supporting. This monthly fee is available from as little as R 2000 per month for a single site and 200 employees.

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Interface create a full marketing and implantation program customised for HR and wellness managers who are wanting to launch a financial wellness program either as a part of their current employee wellness program or as a standalone program. Every engagement is tracked and full de-identified reports are provided to management in order to review the utilisation and return on investment of the program.

We are passionate about ensuring that the program speaks to the financial health of all employees including managers, in fact according to the 2017 Sanlam Benchmark Survey, an annual retirement funding study, almost 73% of professional, middle class South Africans experience financial stress.

The Income-to-Debt Ratio is currently at 74% which means that for every R 100 earned, on average R 74 is spent on debt repayments which equates to 3 weeks income in every working month goes to servicing debt, leaving a mere R 26 for living expenses. All employees and managers alike work to earn a living, the Interface financial wellness program in partnership with your company can ensure that your money works as hard for you as you work to earn it!

Interface are proud to service some of South Africa’s most recognised companies such as Discovery, PwC, Deloitte, Glencore, AGSA, Hatch Goba, and Afrocentric Health to mention a few. Our Financial Training and Wellness Solutions are relevant, innovative and relevant to all employees and we are passionate about crafting a solution for your company that is measurable and effective in addressing financial wellness in the workplace.