Garnishee Orders
Court Emolument Order

Interface believes that by taking control of the Garnishee orders, the employer can improve the workforce productivity and have a financially healthy workforce. Intensive market research was conducted by our partner SynRec and the result is a unique, cost-effective and problem-free Management system for the administration of  Garnishee  orders  as well as all other third party payments. By using the Interface expertise to manage your companies garnishee, maintenance and admin orders and/or any other third party payments, your company will be guaranteed good service and assistance to all your employees.

The following process will be followed in assisting the employee:

  • Interface to confirm with attorneys that the garnishee order was placed correctly and that the term is correct
  • Interface to get employee to sign letter of authority
  • Interface to conduct a full financial assessment of budget and debt portfolio with employee
  • Employee to receive feedback on the garnishee order
  • Management and Payroll to receive feedback on Garnishee order
  • Review and Recommendations
  • Could the garnishee be settled in full and final settlement?
  • Loan Policy of the company
  • Possibility of future garnishee orders
  • Budget and Debt recommendations
  • Streamline and Informal Debt Management
  • Debt Mediation
  • Formal Debt Counselling