Eleven down and one to go! Everyone seems to be in a panic, there is simply too much to do, and too little time. It is the end of the year and we seem to be gasping for breath as we feel pure exhaustion at the thought of what we have to accomplish in a few short weeks before we can begin our well-deserved holiday. It is typically during the last 6 weeks of the year that we get sucked into a festive spending spree over what some people call the “silly season.”

Stay financially cool, calm and collected over the festive season with these some simple yet effective financial tips and coping mechanisms to deal with the end of year financial stresses and strains


stay motivated

Stay Motivated:
Think back to your January financial resolutions and goals, and remind yourself of the goal. Don’t allow the festive season to distract you from your bigger financial picture.


stay motivated
Budget Better: Create a holiday budget even if you are not travelling. Even if you have remember if you are not working chances are you are spending. So create a budget and then stick to it!


stay motivated
Draft a Will: Protect those you love by making sure you have a Will in place. It is free – a gift to you.



stay motivated
“The best gifts don’t come in boxes” is a saying that is so true. Think carefully before you spend money on gifts. One of the best financial gifts in life is the feeling of financial freedom, and knowing that you are financially secure. Set some expectations with your loved ones and don’t buy unnecessary gifts out of guilt or fear. Don’t your card and then spending months paying it off.


Plan Ahead: Before you know it December will be a distant memory. Many people feel that January is the longest month of the year as we usually get paid on the 16th December and it is a whopping 40 days to wait until we receive our January salaries on the 25th. January is also a month where additional items hit the budget big time, especially if you have children. So plan ahead in Dec keeping a secret stash of cash for the costs that you need to budget for in Jan


stay motivated Yes you can: Having a “can-do” positive attitude is vital to financial success. Don’t feel overwhelmed or allow yourself to think that there is no way you will be able to manage your finances. The old saying,” if you think you can, you can” is very true. So remind yourself of your abilities and tell yourself that you can be money savvy and you can succeed.”


The benefits of managing your money and the feeling of being in financial control is just incredible, it is something that money cannot buy! Yes it is hard but it is so worth it.