Prosper in 2022 with a “To You’ list

Is your to-do list for 2022 already long and overwhelming?

Many of us know what it feels like starting the day or the year with a long to-do list that seems impossible to accomplish.

While to-do lists can be very helpful in organising our thoughts and remembering all the many tasks that need to be completed, to-do lists can also be demoralising, especially when they are uninspiring, never-ending, and always focussed on demands from others.


Why to-do lists fail?

There are many reasons why our to-do lists fail.

Firstly, a list of things you would rather not do is uninspiring, so it is hard to get started.

Secondly, not ticking off everything on the list makes you feel like a failure and demoralising, especially when it happens day after day.

Thirdly, to-do lists don’t assign priority or a time frame to complete the most important tasks. “Complete the Company proposal” will take longer than “Speak to my financial coach”, and both are higher in priority than “Check and respond to email”. Other things like taking a 10-minute walk or spending time with your family, should be a part of your routine, not on your to-do list for today.


Discover ‘To You’ lists

 Fortunately, there is a better way of getting the most important tasks done each day:  a “To You” list!

A ‘To You’ list focusses on what must get done today for you to have a happier and more prosperous life and puts you at the top of every day’s to-do list.

Instead of simply listing random tasks you need to complete often urgently and for others – a ‘To You’ list prioritises the tasks that deliver the most progress towards your goals, the top things that – if you do them – will make your day well spent.

A ‘To You’ list also words the items on your to-do in terms of your goals or your ‘Why?’. So, instead of listing “Complete the Company proposal”, a ‘To You’ list says, “Move closer to my promotion with a great proposal completed by 12:00”.


A financial ‘To You’ list

The same applies to your financial ‘To You’ list. Financial planning starts with thinking about what you want to achieve financially. A financial ‘To You’ list will prioritise the actions that bring you closer to your most inspiring financial goals.

As you have often heard, you should pay yourself first! For example, there should be a line item for you and your goals at the top of your budget. Your financial ‘To You’ list would say, “Move closer to my goal of buying a house”. It would also contain items such as “Move closer to paying off debt by speaking to my financial coach” or “Provide for my family by updating my Will”.

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