Easy come, easy go?
Discover your Money Habitude

We have all heard the phrase “easy come, easy go”. It is an example of a habitude – a habitual behaviour based on an underlying attitude that influences every personal, relationship, career and financial decision.  

 “Easy come, easy go” refers to a long and commonly held attitude that if something is easy to get, it is also easy to lose. It also implies that things in life that are lasting, do not come without some effort.

“What comes easy won’t last, and what lasts doesn’t come easy.” – Unknown

It is an example of an attitude that influences our decisions and actions, and eventually becomes the habitual way of thinking and doing – or habitude. Habitudes are based on an underlying attitude that affects everything we do, from how we enjoy ourselves to how we spend our money.

Money Habitudes

The attitude we have towards money is very important because it dictates our money habits, and these habits have a direct impact on our financial situation.

For example, in financial terms, “easy come, easy go” is an example of a widely accepted money attitude that can help us avoid poor money habits such as gambling or getting involved in “get rich quick” or “pyramid” schemes.

What money attitude do you have? An easy way to understand your money attitude and habits is to find out what your “Money Habitude” – or money personality – is.

Available online, “Money Habitudes” is a personality tool created by Syble Solomon that defines six different money personality types. These are listed below, each with an example of a typical money attitude that underlie the habitual financial behaviours of those in the group.

Money Personality Types

Example of Attitude

Security Money helps you feel safe and secure
Targeted Goals Money helps you achieve your goals.
Status Money helps you create a positive image.
Selfless Money makes you feel good by giving to others.
Free Spirited Money makes you feel good by giving to others.
Spontaneous Money makes you feel good by giving to others.

Understanding your money personality is a quick way you can discover what attitude triggers your money behaviour. Change your attitude and habits that do not contribute positively to your financial success

March Challenge:

Find out which money personality best describes you.

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