Secrets to Happiness

How Money Can Make You Happier

Money can’t buy happiness, right? Well, money can bring more happiness when it comes to providing security, savings for the future, spending wisely and the ability to give.

Do your money matters affect your happiness level? Definitely! Financial stress impacts nearly every facet of your life negatively, affecting concentration and focus, your work performance and family responsibilities, and leading to problems in relationships. However, if you use your money to provide security, save for the future, spend wisely and the give generously, money can bring more happiness.

Security to pay the bills

Money can bring happiness when it affords us the security of having enough to pay the bills each month. When we are not financially secure, our happiness, health and relationships are negatively affected.

However, more money is not the only way to enjoy the security of having enough to pay the bills. You can also work on significantly reducing your bills and getting more value for the money you have.

Saving for the Future

When we have money to save for the future, it can also bring more happiness. Saving for the future provides peace of mind today by, for example, ensuring you have an emergency fund or a safety net for unforeseen events. Saving also enables a better future, creating the possibility of enjoying financial security in your golden years.

However, having more money is not the only way to save for the future. Take just R100 a month from your existing budget and begin saving today.

Spending wisely

It is not how much money we spend that makes us happier, but rather how we spend our money. Some believe that spending more on experiences will make them happy and others believe that buying things will make them happier. Either way, spend your money wisely on things that matter to you!

Remember though that you can also bring more happiness into your life without spending a fortune, by spending time with people you love, doing things that you love to do and appreciating all the things you already have.

Being able to give

It makes most people happy to be able to give and to give generously. However, having more money is not the only way you can give generously. Happy people are generous with their time and talents. It also does not need to cost a cent – smile at a stranger, be kind on the road, or make a cup of coffee for a colleague.

Your money matters have a big impact on your happiness. Simply – your financial coach is ready to help with confidential and professional financial coaching and support – over the phone or electronically.