About Interface

Companies are encouraged to take a more proactive approach to educating and supporting employees when it comes to their personal financial matters. Interface has been in the market for 15 years offering dynamic financial wellness programs. We specialise in financial literacy training programs that are geared to empower your employees on how to manage their money more effectively.

Research has shown that financial distress and hardship has a direct link to increased stress, which affects performance and absenteeism rates. An alarming 70-90% of doctors’ visits are stress related and financial stress equals severe stress on par with divorce, moving and even the death of a family member. The SA Depression and Anxiety Group receive 200 calls per day from people considering suicide due to financial reasons.

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Financial Wellness Objectives

  • To educate employees on personal finance and improve the financial literacy levels in order to empower them so that they can make informed financial decisions with regards to their personal finances
  • Empower your employees so that they have the ability to manage their finances on a day to day basis
  • Provide assistance to employees affected by garnishee orders.
  • Improve Financial Literacy Levels within your organisation
  • Assess the Financial Stress within the group and to provide feedback to management on the potential risks
  • Encourage budgeting, debt management and to increase awareness on the importance of saving.

Benefits of a Financial Wellness program

  • Fully Integrated into your EAP
  • Garnishee Order Management
  • Employee Saving Solutions
  • Employees have access to a new employee benefit
  • Free, Confidential and Accessible for employees to use
  • Innovative, Independent, Impartial
  • Access to a qualified Financial Coach
  • Discounts and Savings
  • Real Solutions for real people
  • Best of Breed Advice
  • Encourages a saving culture