Healthy Wealthy and Wise

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, takes an in-depth look at budgeting basics and how to get out of the debt trap. This workshop has become one of the most popular workshops, as it explores real solutions to real people’s financial problems and concerns. The 8 step program is outlined and this guides employees through the 8 steps to financial health and wealth.
This training is followed up with an 8 week financial wellbeing journey which takes your employees through the process of weekly email and sms reminders offering tips and pointers, in order to implement and affect change in individuals finance.

  • Today’s economic financial conditions and the effect on your personal budget
  • Psychology behind Spending
  • The Importance of a Budget
  • Income versus Expenditure
  • How to manage your finances more effectively
  • Tips of how you can make your salary go further in 2016
  • Your Credit Report: The heart beat to your financial health
  • Managing your debt
  • Understanding Credit and the costs associated to lending
  • Understanding Credit Life solutions
  • Getting out of debt with R200
  • Other components to a healthy financial life
  • Importance of saving
  • Key Protection elements